How to Maintain Your Plumbing System

A home or business owner has a responsibility to maintain the building’s plumbing fixtures to keep the worst-case scenario from happening. The worst case is often times expensive and could force you to replace your fixtures altogether. The following tips come straight from a plumber in Brighton and will help you maintain your plumbing so that you can keep costs down and plumbing accidents to a minimum.

Make a List and Check it Twice

If you were to call a plumber in Caboolture, for example, that technician may want to know how many plumbing fixtures and fittings you have, as well as the warranty information for each. Go through your home or business and make a list of all of the individual plumbing fixtures that comprise the entire building. Include drainage systems, shower and sink fixtures, rain water tanks, hot water heaters, and any others that you can identify. If you still have the paperwork from those items from the day they were installed, that’s even better.

Go through the information and adhere to the manufacturers’ recommendations as far as regular plumbing maintenance is concerned. If you were to call a plumber in Scarborough or a plumber in Redcliffe, the person would come out to your home or office and conduct the same work that you could do for free; just by reading the proper documentation.

If you don’t have the proper paperwork, you should be able to look up the proper information online if you can identify the make, model, and serial numbers of the plumbing fixture in question.

Order Your List by Older Fixtures to Newer

While you are making your list, and to assist a plumber in Caboolture South or a plumber in Brighton who may ask for the information, pick out any fixtures that appear to be much older than the rest. Then, order your list accordingly, from the oldest to the newest. For models that look as though they are on their last legs, you may want to think about replacing them if that is an option. For older model plumbing fixtures, sometimes it pays to replace rather than continuously fix the items when things go wrong.

Make the best decision based on the appearance and performance of the fixture in question, as well as your home or office budget. While a new plumbing fixture will not be cheap, it will save you money in the long run. All approved fixtures built today are done so with the strictest of energy conservation codes in mind, and they are designed to save on water and energy costs which are great for the budget-conscious home or business owner.

When to Call a Plumber

Even if you don’t need a plumber for an emergency situation, calling one out to inspect your individual plumbing systems may not be such a bad idea. A professional plumber in Caboolture, for example, can pinpoint wear, tear, fissures, and cracks that can mean bad and expensive news somewhere down the line. Just an afternoon visit and a quick inspection can potentially save you thousands of dollars, not to mention peace of mind.

Whether you need a plumber in Brighton, Caboolture, Caboolture South, or Scarborough, Wagner Plumbing will come out to inspect your individual plumbing systems or help you with any plumbing emergency when you need the service most. Call Wagner today and let’s discuss the proper steps for plumbing maintenance for your home or business.