Broken Pipe Repair Services

Broken Pipe Repair Services

Broken pipes  or Blocked drains can be more than an inconvenience – they can be a health and structural hazard.

You’re going to want them fixed-and fixed quick. Wagner’s Blocked drains or Broken pipes repair services helps in overcoming he situation.

Wagners team of Master Plumbers have all the equipment, the expertise and a range of and solutions to problems caused by faulty drains, blocked drains or broken pipes repair service .

Blocked or broken pipes  may not be immediately visible. Here is some indicators to look for:

  • Bad smells around the house or yard.
  • Water backing up in sinks, basins, toilets, and baths.
  • Gutters over flowing.
  • Water gushing out of grates and drains around the house.
  • Boggy patches in the garden.

Why do blockages occur?


  • Cracks or breaks in pipes allow tree roots to enter the pipes and grow inside the drains.
  • Over time a build up of food scraps and waste can occur in the pipes.
  • Plastic items, sanitary napkins and excessive toilet paper can all combine to block the drains.

What can Wagner do about it?

Wagner Plumbing has a host of skills and an arsenal of specialised equipment to clear and repair blocked or broken drains.

The CCTV Drain Camera

These are used to inspect the problem without having to dig up the pipes to find where the blockage is and allows for an accurate assessment of the problem without creating a massive mess in the process. Link to video

Electrical Drain Cleaning Eel

This device (often called a worm or snake) has a set of metal jaws attached to a very long metal spring rod which is powered by an electric motor. It requires a high level of expertise to be used properly and plumbers are trained to drive it down through the maze of pipes safely and to skilfully use it to chop up roots of trees and other obstacles that may have entered the drainage pipe and cause the blockage.

Our plumbers don’t keep you in the dark! They will describe the cause of the blockage and advise the best course of action for future preventative measures. If the cause was tree roots, it may be best to replace the pipes to ensure ongoing reliable operations. This can be a common occurrence with storm water pipes (the pipes that remove the stormwater from your property).

Contact Us NowNo matter what type of drain is blocked or what is causing it to be blocked, Wagner Plumbing has the solutions in hand to fix it reliably. Gives us a call on 1300 928 232and well be onto it quickly.