Roof, Gutters, & Downpipes

Roof, Gutters and Downpipes Repairs

Gutters overflowing or leaking and downpipes backing up are just a few of the signs that your stormwater collection system needs some attention.

Guttering, downpipes and roofing can last for many many years – however, they don’t last forever and, even if you look after them, they eventually reach their use-by date

You’ll know when your gutters and downpipes aren’t working because, in most cases, water gushes out over the top of the gutters or even out from underneath the eaves of the house. If your gutters or downpipes are very old the water may be escaping through holes in the walls of the gutters. Then you will require Roof, Gutters and Downpipes Repairs from Wagenr Plumbing.

Looking after your rainwater system can start by cleaning out missing toys, balls etc and the associated leaf backup they cause in your gutters. If you have trees nearby, chances are, leaves are going to fall on the roof and be collected in the gutters , resulting in clogged gutters and down pipes, preventing your stormwater from flowing away smoothly. So in this case also there can be only one solution, Professional Roof, Gutters and Downpipes Repairs.

Gutters and downpipes left uncleaned are also prone to corrosion of the metal components. Over time, the gutters eventually rust out and holes occur, allowing water to escape close to the house. This has the potential of undermining or destabilising the foundations of the house. Our plumbers bring a wide range of gutter cleaning tools to the job.

So – keep your gutters cleared of leaf matter either by cleaning them regularly (every 6 to 12 months) or by investing in gutter guards that prevent the leaves and other items from entering the gutters in the first place.
Gutter cleaning on a regular basis can be carried out by our team of Master Plumbers safely and reliably, ensuring your gutters last for a long, long time, prolonging the cost of replacement.

And, of course, our plumbers can expertly replace gutters downpipes should they have arrived at their use by date.

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Roof Leaks

The home owner’s nightmare – roof leaks that get through the ceiling and result in water dripping down the walls or splashing around your living areas. They’re not much fun – and they can lead to very expensive damage.
This is a real problem here in Queensland with our very high rainfall.

Roof leaks that lead to

Our plumbers will track down the source of the leak (these are not always easy to find) and fix the problem fast, either in tiled or metal roofs.

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