Tap Repairing Solutions

Tap Repairing Solutions

A dripping tap can waste as much as one litre of water per hour – in one week, that is enough to fill a bathtub, costing you and the planet a bunch of valuable resources.

Water taps an essential, every day item, rarely thought about until they don’t work. It makes sense to keep your taps in good working order. There’s the convenience – and then there’s the waste. Wagner Plumbing helps in overcoming all types of leaking and tap related problem through professional Tap Repairs.

Over time, water lost through a continuously dripping sink, hand basin or bath tap, bathroom shower rose or toilet cistern can very easily run into thousands of litres of water, adding hundreds of dollars to your water bill – and wasting water just doesn’t make environmental sense. Professional Tap Repairs from Wagner Plumbing helps everyone to overcome all these problems.

Continuously dripping taps can also leave stains on the surfaces of expensive ceramic hand basins, toilet bowls, or bath tubs costing many dollars to replace. So Tap Repairs will be needed to overcome this type of problems also.

Plumbing Solutions and Tap Repairs

Periodically checking your water taps for leaks can help you avoid costly repair bills. If you notice a water tap dripping, get it checked out before it causes any damage and costs you money.

It is also a good idea to have our plumber do a quick test on all the other water taps and water fittings inside and outside of the home. It is far more efficient and economical to get them all faulty water taps repaired at the same time avoiding additional travelling costs and potential emergency plumbing costs. Wagenr’s does check all the taps thoroughly with their Professional Tap Repairing Solutions.

Over time, the internal components of the water taps tend to become corroded and pitted, causing leaking.
Our plumbers remove the tap and recondition the internal, corroded surfaces and replace the old washers and “O” rings with quality parts that will provide many more years of reliable performance.

Sink Mixers and shower sets can be a little more complex – but in many cases, they can be repaired as well. If the tap or mixer sets needs replacing our plumbers are able to obtain replacement units and install them for you.

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