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Brisbane Shower Repairs

Over the years we have been repairing showers and during this period we have learnt there are many different problems that cause showers to leak. Some of these are:

  • Damaged or non existent damp course membrane
  • In wall combination
  • In wall or ceiling pipes other than combination
  • Unsealed tap flanges
  • Tap bodies leaking
  • Damaged or unsealed shower screen
  • Cracked tiles or grouting
  • Shower waste leaking
  • Defective drainage
  • Defective shower rose

There are many ways to go about repairing these leaks and many businesses willing to carry out their own specialised treatment, or once they get to the job advise the client their treatment doesn’t suit the job.

Your North Brisbane shower repair specialist can carry out shower repairs in a more comprehensive way than any other shower repairer, plumber or tiler in the business. We offer to you the Guarantee* we can fix any shower no matter what the problem is.

To provide this service when we are called to a leaking shower we carry out the following tests:

  • Pressure test in wall combination
  • Water test shower base
  • Water test shower screen
  • Test tap flanges and bodies
  • Check for any plumbing defects

A testing fee is charged purely to cover necessary work that needs to be carried out before an accurate quote can be provided and will be shown as a refund amount on the quote. In the situation where a client knows what repairs are to be carried out we are happy to provide a free quote based on the information given.

Once the testing and inspections are carried out we provide a written quote detailing the recommended repairs. We know the above testing and inspections are necessary to perform a thorough investigation of the leak. This inspection and testing is of no charge if we carry out the repairs.

We hope this approach makes it easier for you to deal with any shower repairs you may be faced with in the future.

If you are looking for North Brisbane shower repair services, then please call 1300 92 82 32 or complete our online request form.