Professional Water Audit Services

Professional Water Audit Services

Minimise Your Water Wastage – It’s simple.

Start with a Water Audit.

Somewhere in your garden, a meter sits ticking away, recording all of the water that enters your property. This meter is used to calculate your 3 monthly water rates charged by your cal council. The meter assumes you’ve consumed the water that’s measured – but have you? Leaks happen – and they can add substantially to your bill.
Whether you rent or own, you can be held accountable for all the water that enters the property.

Contact Us NowIf you would like to ensure the water usage on your property is maintained at its maximum efficiency then give us a call on 1300 928 232and one of our Professionally trained Master Plumbers will do a thorough assessment of your water system and provide the best course of action.

Saving you money and conserving water is what our pumbers at Wagner Plumbing are trained to do.

Our thorough and professional water Audit will include the following assessments.

  • Testing the operation of all water outlets throughout the premises
  • Testing the operation of all toilets throughout the premises
  • Testing the operation of the hot water system
  • Pressure testing the water supply system to check for hidden leaks

On completion our plumber will provide you a full, hard copy audit report on the performance of your water management system.

If your system is fully efficient , then our plumber will provide you with a Queensland Water Commissions Compliance Certificate.

If it is not in a completely efficient working order, our professional plumbers will provide you with a suggested list of items that need attention and advice on how to bring them back to full efficiency.

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